For the price.. I doubt it. But try it and if you like it then go for it. I have never personally tried any deans, but they just seem like a bit of a ripoff just trying to sell the Dime name. But yeah try before ya buy.
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They are quite good guitars, but I don't think that they are necessarily worth the price. They go for over a grand, but they use Licensed Floyd Rose tremolos, and from what I hear, the Dimebucker isn't amazing. Ive played a Razorback before, and it was pretty cool, but I dont know about their reliability of the trem.
They are a bit overpriced, but they pretty good guitars. The floyd isnt bad on it as long as you take care of it.
Don't they come with Schaller Floyds? Schaller used to make the majority of the originals, so they have a lot of Floyd Rose knowledge, and their units are among the very best of the licensed versions. The main difference is that the entire unit isn't hardened steel like the original Floyd Rose is. On the Schaller, only the knife edges and the posts are hradened steel. This has upsides, though- if the knife edges start getting dodgy, you can just replace them, which is impossible on an original. And you could argue whether or not making the entire unit from hardened machined steel has any advantage, since the critical points will always mostly be the knife edges. And I don't really know what the tonal difference is between hardened steel and normal die-cast steel.
They come with Ping Floyds (Ping = company)

Ping is the only company that can wear the OFR emblem , because they're being supervised by Floyd Rose , they also use the same materials (so it's strong).

This is a high end licensed floyd obviously.

I allready ordered that guitar , and yeah you could probably get a guitar with same specs for like 800 bucks or so , but I think it's very comfortable playing and looks are nice too.

Just that the point on the top can pinch a little bit if you bend slightly over your guitar while practising...but hey ...this thing is meant for the stage :p unless your gonna bend over and headbang all the time i doubt you will have much problems with it (unless you have big manboobies :P)

i've tried this guitar several times before i bought it, the neck felt weird in the beginning , but it get's comfortable after awhile (it's seriously a V neck)

But yeah , you could go with this the guitar is fine .

and yeah ..you could go with an 800 $ guitar , but remember

1. No case comes with it (with guitar from a grand it usually comes automatticly , also with this dean)
2. and yeah...other guitars usually look pretty plain... not very eyecatching on stage ;P

And since im a big f.... attention wh0.... i decided to get this guitar :p

search on youtube : Razorback Explosion or Dean Razorback , it'll give you an idea .......... ehm...most of them are either 15 year old kids...or 40 year old men who own them :p and quite a part of them sucks in playing...but not all :p

So for the conclusion : JUST TRY THE GODDAMN GUITAR.
thats a DIME razorback its right now 1 of the best metal guitars. Its got a DIME bucker pickup its amazing, it has a floyd rose which is brilliant and its has the coolest shape.

My recomandation is BUY THIS GUITAR!!!
lots of people say they're crap but my mate sean has the shards one and i personally think its great
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they said that because :

1. They don't like metal
2. It's a signature guitar (loads of people on this forum , hate signature guitars with passion...even if it may be good)
3. it's a bit overpriced --> so get's flamed constantly
4. Just because it's not an OFR ...and a Licenced one people..all directly compare it too the most crappy floyds that are out there.
5. It has the name 'Dime' on the headstock , so people tend to constantly flame dean ...and from it goes from "OMG they're trying to make much profit to... "Omg those guitars suck"

That about sums it up :p
you gotta admit dude dean are milking Dimes name a little much, its like they dont have any other top guitarists using their stuff
Well, this is my honest opinion: I hate those things. They're overpriced, the pickups are utter crap, the neck is sticky (The first neck ever to slow me down), and the entire finish just feels like a big sticker.
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I know, they're making too much models....

but then again i hang around on the dean forum now and then , and all the company does is actually make what the Dean/Dime fans request... they even produce limited runs of 1000 guitar (example) .. like the Matt Heafy white / gold pinstripe model , i beleive they're making a limited run just for those forums members, not sure how many , but those are requested.

On one side , I think they'd love to get rid of Dime's name on the new models , but I think they can't..? Dime having his name on all those guitars isn't exactly helping them , it's more flaming. but yeah he designed it , i doubt dime's family would agree to sell it as common dean guitars... but that's what im thinking...

but yeah like 20 razorback models..is a bit too much :p even though they have cool designs.
I saw a few photoshopped RBs ... like the explosion but in purple , in red and in blue i believe... they looked awesome too aha :p I wouldn't mind if those went in for a run
I'm sure it's a "good" guitar, but you gotta play to see if YOU like it. who cares what people on the internet say, they'll either love it(cuz of looks) or hate it(cuz of looks). people who own it will tell you its nice I'm sure, but ultimately its up to you! Dean makes some pretty nice guitars(and I'm sure some shitty ones, Too) And about the Whole "Dime" thing.... Let 'em use his name, he was and Always will be a guitar God, and I think it's a great way to Honor a truely Great guitarist!!!
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