i am always being told on here that ibanez make bad acoustics. well i was wondering how are fender's? has anyone tried a company oscar shmidtts, washburn or yamaha. did you like them? and i am not talking top of the line but are they ok for a lamited top probably maple or rose wood i play electric but alot of acoustic aswell i am just loking for a cheap guitar you can bring camping and whatnot that you don't have to worry about

if you don't care about it being acoustic/electric get a Fender CD-60 Dreadnought no cutoff for the 12 frets and beyond but its a good all round guitar if you just want a campfire guitar though look for Ashton
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fender is pretty comparable to ibanez in the acoustic market.

i've never had any personal experience with oscar shmidt guitars, but washburn and yamaha are both excellent manufacturers for what you want. have a look at the guitars under $300 thread at the top of the acoustic forum. all of the guitars in there are good guitars and really great values. any of them will suit your needs just perfectly.
Um.. Washburn makes Oscarshmits.The regular Acoustics are great. but washburn and fender lack in quality sound in the electric/acoustic field.

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Jay turser.. i dunno what model.
Ibanez are not good

Washburn tend to be good for the money

Oscarshmits are the laminated supercheap washburns. If you have to spend less than $120 then this is your guitar. It's still junk but it's better junk than an Ibanez. You are better off spending 200 and getting a washburn D10

The super low end fender stuff is junk. In the UK fender has started selling some reasonable lower mid range guitars. If they start at 300 quid here so I'm guessing they are about $350 in the USA.
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