I was wondering if i should get the hellraiser with floyd rose or without. i know theres probably a floyd rose thread but what are the advantages or disadvantages of the floyd rose tremolo?
Well... the advantages to a Floyd Rose is that it doesn't go out of tune as quickly as other trems because of the double locking system, but on the other hand they are a b*tch to change strings or tune so if you get one you better plan on staying in one tuning....

As for the Hellraiser....I don't know much about those so sorry but i can't help ya there
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so if i play songs with both drop d and many other tunings u recommend getting one without floyd then end up buying one with floyd to keep in drop d or watever tune i want it in
Well there not hard to change strings when you get used to it. And it just takes a while to change tunings. But if you only switch to drop d for some more money you could get a D-tuner or watever there called.
Heres a rule of thumb that usually works out for the best...

If you don't know whether or not you need/want a Floyd, you don't need/want a Floyd.

They can be a major pain if you're not familiar with how they work. Like an above poster said, you're going to want to pick a tuning and stay in it.

If you've got other guitars you can use for alternate tunings and you still want to try I say go for it. Otherwise just go with the regular model.
I have one on one of my guitars and the guitar is a very nice feeling guitar but it is such a pain when it comes time to changing the strings. If you play alot of solos that require you to use a trem then go for it. If this is your only guitar and play various tunings, you are in for a nightmare....

Good luck