Right so the trem on my strat rebuild is out of wack. It won't go back to the same place, I've put new strings on it, new springs, and it still won't work. I keeps goin out of tune and will detune when I push it down and uptune (i guess thats the term) when I pull on it (I had it set up as floating, then normal, and neither will work right). So I gave up on it. Im just gone take the trem out and string thru ferrules in it. How would I fill the trem slot? Where would I put the tune-o-matic (or watever its called) and the ferrules at? Thanks for your help.
Use more springs, and tighten the two screws.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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I got all 5 springs (new as well) on and the screws are pretty much tightened all the way.
It's probably the nut that's killing you then as each string drags on it to a different extent, thus causing them to go out of tune to different amounts. A roller nut and the removal of the string trees + locking tuners will greatly reduce to eliminate the problem.

I have a strat copy with all 5 spings in and tightened WAY down and it still goes out of tune every couple songs. A lot of it's probably to do with my abusive playing style (lots of wrist vibrado + I pick hard) and the fact that I use very light strings (.10-.38s or .9-.42 generally).

I guessing it's the nut snag effect if it's going out of tune when you use the trem...
ahh i got it fixed, I know its the bridge cause I measured the height before and after I used it. I just done the EVH thing and stuck a quarter under there.