I just started a technical/progressive song and i just wanted some input on where its going

ill crit4crit...

Edit: I think its done ...please tell me what you think

[a few small parts like bends get messed up MIDI and GP4)
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Wow that is sick. I don't know about that time signature change at 25, it didn't flow, it sounded like it was there for the sake of being there.

I dont think the voicings in the solo are possible to play but w.e

Everything else was pretty much perfect, really, really good work man. Please finish it.
Yea i forgot to type that th parts in the solo are taking advantage of my new Boss SUPER Shifter (it has octave harmonizing), and im fixing the time change a little now, not taking it out but giving it more meaning

thanks for th crit
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I didn't like the guitar riffs. I tihnk guitar riff must stay in the mind after listening. Can you even play that yourself? There was no certain melody. Allthough, that piano thing it was pretty melodic and rich. Try make better riffs.

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ehh i cant play it up to speed yet but i play it differently anyway...the way GP does the automatic finger positioning screws it up

but i dont really know what you mean by that...too complex? I dont know, i mean to me it sounds good and seems to have a progressive feel but idk.
I liked the idea... but it looks far too unfriendly to the left hand. I don't buy into it as a realisticly playable song... not at that tempo. But, please, prove me wrong... I don't understand why you would post a tab that looks different than the way YOU play it... it is your song after all... and it only makes sence to write it the way you play it.

Anyway, the song it'self was good, the riffs were all solid, including the tempo change, but I thought the drums could have been more... present, filling or just forcefull. I would like to see a viable fingering for all of this, and a slightly more harmonized solo... it was actually the simplest part of the song... and if that's what your going for, great, but it just seemed a little off from the rest of the song.

Overall, pretty good song, just some tec problems and some little ifs and buts from me.
It's pretty good. Bad change @ bar 25. Not really into tech but this seems pretty good. AT first I was like WTF this is impossible but then i realized that you hav ethe octave so yeah. CRIT MINE
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