ok im not exactly the best at guitar9wel at least not yet hehe) ive been playing for 10 months and im pretty good....ive been thinking of buying a new amp and i came up to these decisions.....

1.either i get a line6 flextone III
2. i get a roland cube 60 watt and later get the pod xt live

im leaning more towards the 2nd choice.since its more portable and you can do more,and if i bought the flextone i would need to buy a floorboard to go along..so yeah.whats the better deal?btw dont tell me line 6 is a p.o.s cause i did enough research to know that there spider amps are the only piece of crap from them(well i know the flextones good and the pods good)if i get the 2nd choice...should i get that amp i listed or what else is better then it ..thats in the under 400 bux range?thanx!
Pod xt's are sweet. I'd go with one of those. Don't know much about Rolands.
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definetly the cube. Line 6 is a P.O.S. I.M.O. you would never see a pro using a line 6 for all that I know. I mean like famous ones like Clapton to dimebag, etc. Ive heard great things from the cubes and not so great things from the sixs. I for one know the six is unreliable so make the good choic and buy a cube
now the line 6 vetta series are kick arse amps. the flextones are okay, you would do better with the Cube 60 and PODXT Live.
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Go for the Cube.
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POD XT is teh own.

I say get the cube.
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haha...your right bout pros not using line 6 shit...but why should they when they can buy a mesa?lol...and i guess ill get the cube lol.guess i made the right choice since i posted this...thanx!ill see if i can get a cube tomorrow.
Yeah, who cares if it's pro equipment...if it sounds nice and you like it, who cares.
Co-Founder of the Orange Revolution Club

-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
-2-channel Titan
-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
-Fulltone OCD
-RMC Picture Wah
-T.C. Electronic Nova Delay
-Larrivee D-03R
the line 6 vetta is amazing, the flextone falls short a bit, but id rather go with that over a cube and a line 6 POD. The flextone uses the same modeling system, jus tno floor board to control it. Id get the flextone over the cube, the cube doesnt interest me one bit. But thats just me,

might i add, i own a line 6 POD XTLIVE, and a PRO, and ive had experience with the vetta and the flextone,

but i like tube, and less effects, i just like to mess around. Seriously, if you want real tube, go for tube, if you want modeling amp, go for line 6. I say dont go buy a modeling amp (the cube!), and then add a more extensive modeling unit like a POD XTLIVE on to it. Go for the flextone, the matched and properly set up digital amp. With my experience with some pretty upscale gear (rack stuff mainly), i whole heartedly back up the flextone over the cube.

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POD XT live's are pretty sweet, and cheap compared to buying single effects. don't listen to these people who say line 6 sucks because of the spider series. Line 6 makes very good amps and effects, outside of the spider series. IE, using a pod xt (the bean shaped ones)to record is pretty good. almost impossible to tell the difference between some amps and what they're modeled after. Most people here draw on what they read here, which is about 100 lines of "Spiders suck", and those turn into "Line 6 Sucks."

Cubes are just as digital as the line 6 amps. Cubes are modeling amps too.