Okay, so I'm pretty okay with most of the definitions, but can someone give me a few?


CAn someone define those and an example please? Also, wahts the difference between bridge and interlude?

And lastly and most importantly....
This is really hard to explain, but, what is the part of a song, I'm assuming it's the bridge, interlude, or breakdown...but I ould be wrong...it is in a lot of songs and it normally brings the song into a new key, it's like a build-up. I really wish I could explain it better, but it's hard to put into words...

Hope someone can help. Thanks a lot.
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Any part of a song can change key at anytime.

A buildup, I call a "build up".

Interludes basically put the listener on a "break" from the song and introduce a new melody or something like that.

The breakdown is a part of a song that builds tension.

A bridge I think is part of the lyrics? It might connect the verse and chorus or verse and pre-verse.

Songs dont really have to be structured really strictly, in fact doing that would be boring.