I have been looking at amps lately and come across the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus. I heard it at a jazz band concert the other day and it sounded really good. I have a boss me-50 and supposedly it takes effects very well. Its a little expensive, so i have to sell 2 guitars, 2 amps, a keyboard, and 3 pedals, but is it worth it?
I know i could get a nice tube amp, but are there any that will play over a drummer, sound good with my me-50, and be able to play at low volumes in my room?
I dont want to get a used amp, so no JCM900 or 800 i guess
also, no vox ad??vt's
i was thinking blues junior but the jc-120 will give me a greater range of everything. PLEASE HELP AND RECCOMEND AMP
sound clips of jc-120s would help too!

dont say sell the me-50 cause i like it
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The JC-120 is a staple for jazz amps. The cleans really sing. I haven't done many effects on it since I play jazz, but the built-in chorus sounds spectacular.
yeah, jazz chorus= amazing.
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i play blues, classic rock, and of course jazz. i dont really need crushing distortion like the mg
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i play blues, classic rock, and of course jazz. i dont really need <b>crushing distortion like the mg</b>

well it crushes my ears alright

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

lolz, MG and crushing distortion dont belong in the same sentence.

there great amps though (Jazz Chorus) i dont really think it would really be worth it to sell all that gear though to afford it.
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the cheapest I've seen a JC120 is $750. with that money you can get a fender blues deluxe, or hot rod deluxe.shimmering cleans, an enough power to overcome pretty much any drummer. Digital effects sound..... digital on a tube amp. when I got my Blues Deluxe, I sold my GT6 and bought analog effects.
most all tube amps above 15 watts or summat can overpower any drummer.
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I've seen a local seller here that has a JC-120 from the 80's that's like 200USD...

and no, he doesn't ship outside the Philippines...

I've set up rigs using the JC-120, the Hot Rod Deluxe (I've owned one) and a Blues Deluxe, and the JC-120 has far more clean volume than either of the Fenders. Swapping out the V1 valve for a 12at7 increases some of the clean headroom on the HRD, but it will still hit the ceiling at higher volume levels. The JC-120 doesn't really have that issue. If clean is what you're looking for in a tube amp for around the $700 mark, then perhaps a Deluxe Reverb would be more to your liking.
By the sounds of it, that's a lot of stuff to sell for an amp. I've heard that amp is really nice, but mostly just for jazz obviously. If you play a lot of jazz I guess, go for it, but if it's a general use amp, I'd think about something else.
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im actually thinking of selling my classic 30 to get this amp, i've played one recently and was blown away by the cleans!
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