Sorry if this is a played out topic. I've had the same guitar for about 4 years (i keep good care of it) but recently decided i need a new one. However, i dont know really know much about guitar technical specs so i figured the UG community could help. So, does anyone have a recommendation for a guitar from $600-$800 dollars? I play a lot of classic rock, southern rock, and some metal (zep, ac/dc, allman brothers, etc.) and also love the randy rhoads tone. Thanks and sorry for my life story.
you could probably look into an epiphone. their good for most of that stuff. or u could save and get a gibson.
look at esp ltd eclipses. they are a les paul copy. you can get them with seymour duncan pickeups or emgs. All the bands you listed use les pauls except for acdc, but he uses a similar guitar with the same kind of pickups. For all you listed I'd go for duncans. They are a little more natural sounding.
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c-1 classic is pretty versitile....
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