I've had this problem for a while, and its terribly annoying. If i'm playing on clean, and i step on my tubescreamer, and then put on my wah, it makes a huge leap from bass to treble very quickly, and makes it seem like there is no sound when it is on bass, and too much sound on treble. I'm talking deafening/annoying treble here, and no sound on bass at all. This only happens on clean with the tubescreamer on. Not on distortion, and not as much with my big muff. Can someone help me out here?
Oh, and would a tubescreamer on a big muff sound good at all. Doesn't sound great on my amp on clean really, really makes the big muff lose its edge.
My setup is a Strat through a big muff, tubescreamer, then a Vox Clyde McCoy wah, into a Crate Palomino Class A Tube amp (only one channel. Could this be a problem?)

Hmm....this seems to be happening more with my big muff this time. I've got it used (the wah), so maybe i just need to replace a part or two?
And my big muff sounds terrible with the gain up on my amp (this fixing the wah problem, but giving me the inability to play my big muff!) I can only play one or the other depending on how my amp is set up. The tubescreamer also doesn't sound too well on clean with the wah, but with some gain and the wah with the tubescreamer, sounds very nice. Overall Very annoying!
the wah should go first so it can "work" with the raw signal from the guitar...


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your setup should be guitar, wah, then tubescreamer. At least thats what mine is and it works fine.
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your setup should be guitar, wah, then tubescreamer. At least thats what mine is and it works fine.

+1, the wah should really be the first thing in your chain.
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Agree with order suggestions. But I dunno why using a tubescreamer and a big muff is really a good idea anyway...
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a wah acts as a filter, so it will take away alot of the distortion if you put the tubescreamer first
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I've got a Clyde McCoy too, use that first, then the tubescreamer, then the Muff.
The TS and the Muff could sound great together. And try adjusting the TS's settings, and use the bridge pickup.
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