Just to start it off on a good foot, I am not being or trying to be mean to bass players or trying to say that they are pointless or anything at all. But I was wondering what bass is for other than adding a deeper bass sound to a song?

I also mainly wanted to know, you know how in guitar u can play lead guitar or rhythm guitar? Well is bass kinda all the same? like do u always play the root note to the chord that the rhythm guitar is playing? or canu play chords on bass? I'm just ignorant completely about everything bass...

So yea, thats all I wanted 2 ask...And I am not trying to be offensive to any bass players, I was just wondering...
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
BASS Solos. they sound so coo,l like in Hate to say i told you so by The Hives thats has a wicked bass solo
Dude bass is soooooo important to a band. If a band is missing the bass you'll know it. I went and seen a local thrash band that had three guitar players and no bass and it sounded like dog shit. Basically it is that same as another guitar. everything is played in the same key off of all the same root note but where as if a guitar is playing in the key of E then a bass player can do some cool runs in the E scale (major or minor whatever key the song is in) and make it sound awesome. Listen to some of the old jam bands like the Doobies, the Allmans or the dead and you'll hear some awesome bass. For the record I play plain old regular guitar.
Bass is a lot more important than a singer. What do they do? They just get in the way of the music!
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**** that. Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyE2LMIx0og

EDIT: Seeing as you're a Metallica fan, check this out. Same band, same awesomeness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9USb_OQza44

H-O-L-Y F-U-C-K!!! I'm watching that master of puppets bass thingy...holy crap thats amazing lol, he plays it better than i do
Bassists don't always stick to root note rhythms. I personally love playing way up the neck with nice melodies and chordings.
Bass carries the song. Take away the bass to a lot of songs, and you're taking away a lot more than just "the deeper bass sound".
threadstarter, how do you have a RHCP inspired song in your sig but dont know the importance of a bassist. i think you need to start listening to the chili peppers a little bit closer. they have this one band member named flea, and hes their bassist. I guss you could say hes pretty good. lol
Being both a bass player and a lead player I'll try to answer. The bass player bridges the gap between percussion (drums) and melody (lead and rhythum). We play both a beat and a melody. At times it is a melodic as the lead player ("Diary of Jane", Close To The Edge", "Danni California") but yet still carries a beat. You also need to tell when to embellish/get melodic and when staying simple and doing the roots, third or fifths is appropriate. Give a listen to your favorite tunes and try to track what each instrument is doing.