Well I guess the title explains it Crit for Crit this was a VERY long piece as I found myself very mad at certain people and things going on around me. This is now just a long piece.
Be brutal in your crits

Damn you America
Almost all of you
Trying to make everything
“ more perfect”
Union Unison United
Letting us give our biased opinions
On War Love sex and Drugs
We have nothing to stand up to
and everything we complain about we picked from under our beds
Pictures, Photographs Images we want everyone to comply with

Beleive me I try to be patient
I try to understand
Kept my mind open while my friends cried in my arms
I wanted to tell them “ your pathetic”
But God without the govement I would’nt know what pathetic is
So I just say “ you need to become stronger everything will be okay”
But if everything will be okay we just go back to where we were
I see them get back up “ Josh, By God I fell happy again”
But love. By God your still ashamed
everyday you turn you face saying
‘ Who that was me”
“Since then I’ve never felt the same”
Everything they say
their looks their faces and the taste they leave in my mouth has changed
from bitter sweet to just shit.

Here’s my ****ing biased opinion
Let’s strectch out our arms like landing strips
and let the everyone come in
burn all the buildings
bomb all the subways
blow up every car insight
throw the children in the incrinerators
and walk thru the night with a candle from church
as the flames stab thru the night
wax will ink out the words
we’ve al kept behind our teeth
That will make us more perfect
by showing out of everyone who thinks we are pefect
That we are...
Smile alot today... okay?