alright, to start things off i just started playing a few monthes ago so i dont really know all that much yet. But on all the other amps ive seen it has knobs for gain, bass that kind of stuff but mine dosent. I got it in a starter kit so its nothing special but it only has 4 knobs: volume, high, mid and low. I found out that low means bass but what about high and mid?
And also i have no idea what to put the tone knobs on my guitar too, everything is always set at zero (mid,high,low and both tone knobs on the guitar) so any insight about that would be very helpful.
I play classic rock so any recomendations at what to set everything at would be nice. thanks.
mines like that to. i got it in a starter pack as well.
most low end crappy amps are similar im assuming

just muck around, see what nice sounds u can produce
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ok, low is bass, mid is midrange and high is treble, the tone knobs on your guitar are a treble control essentially for the guitars output.. And just play around with the settings till you get something you like.
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And so begins your quest for the perfect tone, every guitarist dream. good luck young grasshopper.