Hey.! I was wondering if anybody knows any sites that i can get mp3's of sounds, some that are like 10 secs-30 secs long to start of the intro of a song.... like for ex. the wind blowing? trees moving? anything at all....

ex. of songs are

Alda Nova - fantasy ( shooting and helicopters)
Godsmack- Vampires ( just scary noises )
Dark new day - fill me again
Protest the hero- no stars over bethlehem

This might confuse you? But if u understand what im talking about.... help would be much appreciated.
yea ive wonderd this too
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you have to add in the sound clip.

if you have recording software, its easy, you play over the thing you want to record, and switch the input and output.

then it will record the audio, and you can put in what you want,

otherwise, i dont know.
if you have any video games on your computer, go into the program files for the game and look around. there is often a section for sound effects or music. there is occasionally some really good stuff in those files that you can use. ive found some pretty good stuff like a train, crickets, explosions and a few other things ive used. unfortunatly i dont know of any sites for this stuff, but im sure there are some somewhere.