I found an old Boss PH-2 Phaser pedal in the attic of an abandoned house
down the road. I was super excited to see if it worked, got home and plugged
it up, and it worked, the only problem is the LED light isnt as bright as it should
be, but it works perfect other than that. All original knobs also. No wear at all.

It's a black label, made in Japan phaser, and I've read a bit about there also
being Taiwan models of alot of Boss pedals, and Taiwan being the exclusive
production place now, I've heard that the Japan ones are better, and worth

Soo, Im actually just asking, whats the real differance in Taiwan models Vs Japan ones.

they are usually very simmilar and differences vary from model to model, the general thing is that the japanese pedals are better assembled and are less likely to break down.
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also change the battery cos thats probably why the LED isnt bright,it means power is low so the pedal wont sound as good as it could.

Boss MIJ pedals FTW!!! i have a '85/'86 MIJ DD2!

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