I don't own a strat, nor do I want one. I was just curious if this is possible if you had an HH or HHS strat.
it probably doesnt even need to be an HHS strat or HH because with a hack saw you can shape the pickguard however you want.
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OMG i was gonna make a thread about this today. Not if it was possible, which it obviously is, but if it would sound good in a HH strat. I Played an HH MIM strat at the store and i was like WOW WHAT IF IT HAD EMGsssssss5s5s5s5ss5 and like OMG i am going to do that one day.

^haha, i was going to say the same thing. at first i was confused as to why he needed a saw to fit them in.

side note: the cavity is large enough to fit the battery.

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I really like the EMG singles.

I've actually heard alot of good things about them from people who's opinions I value.
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Gilmour used EMGs in his Candy Apple Red strat, but that's because the huge lighting equipment that Pink Floyd used in their concerts was producing a lot of noise on the stock pups. The EMG DG-20 set is a little pricey in my opinion (about 350€ here)