i got my new guitar last night and its very nice.
its an ibanez rg321 grey nickel

ill post pics if anyone wants to see when my camera comes home

you might think that its just a standard budget guitar, but its all i could afford and i think its truly excellent. i saved everyone penny for two months and im very glad

i have a question though.

on the top e string (mainly just frets 1,2,3,4,5) it buzzes. and a little bit on the same frets on the a string.

sometimes you can barely notice it, other times when im playing certain songs (2nd riff thing of master of puppets for example) it buzzes terribly.

whys this?
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mabye the string is touckuing the frts or soemthing beacuse your lying it down on osmething with the strings pushing against the frets happen to my accoustic pput it the other way for a while and its fine
open strings are fine. no buzzing there

how do i increase the action?
Don't you know, I'm the end of what will be?
Hey Stabitha,

My RG321MH Grey Nickel was not Grey at all. It was Olive Drab(Green) Pearl. Here's a pic.

I had 2(both green). 1st one was damaged in shipping, the second one had a quality issue(twisted neck).

I'm not bashing Ibanez or trying to scare you off of them, the reason for my posting is to find out if your Grey Nickel RG is actually Grey. Pictures of these guitars online are so rare that I've only ran across one, the original NAMM pic. It looks nothing like the one I had.

It's the one on the Left.
once again im left without a camera. but ill post photos up tomorow

yer its not quite grey. greyish green kinda colour. like camo shocking stuff

also thanks for the help guys. the action thing worked great.
Don't you know, I'm the end of what will be?
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Don't worry about the string buzz for now. You just got the darn thing, break it in a bit and if it continues, then worry about it. Anyhow, congratulations on the purchase, hope you enjoy it!
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