So I am currently in a band with some buddies of mine and we play every friday and saturday. I have been thinking recently of either quitting the band or making another one on the side as well. This is where the real dilema comes in. The new band that I would like to make would include an expert guitarist and friend of mine who just happens to be bitter rivals with the guitarist in my current band. Maybe bitter rivals is too strong of a word. There is definitely some tension between them. My current guitarist cant stand him (I think he's just jealous) for some reason. I am getting sick of the same ol' thing with my band and would like to stretch my wings so to speak. I need some advice here. Should I try to make a side project with my friend the expert guitarist? or do you think my current guitarist will hate me forever if I do? Cuz, honestly he can get offended pretty easy. I need help!
Thanks for any advice in advance.
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IMO i would want to "spread my wings" especially as a bass player....i personally dont know ure skill level.....but if u do have tallent.....(which im sure u prolly do) than i personally would want to try new things and not do the same borring old basslines and what not.....i would prolly quit my current band....explain the situation....and tell them that they shouldnt hate u forever cus u wanna leave.....thats just how bands are.....people come and go....but the music still lives on.....
Jam with both of em, and stick with which ever suits you better or if they're both good stay with both. Nothin wrong with playin in more than one band if you only play twice a week with one.
I think if you can't discuss something like this with your guitar player, you guys aren't close enough to make the band work. I personally do not think side projects are good for band morale; they make me think whoever is in the side project might be holding out on material for his project instead of using it for his main gig.

I'd say do what makes you feel most comfortable, but be prepared to potentially only have 1 band. Before quitting the current one, try to write an awesome song to show to the other guitar player; there's a chance that you'd quit your main gig and have a fruitless second gig.
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