Weilandgifts - That may have been the worst crit I have ever seen on this entire website. Bradshults DO NOT CRIT WEILANDGIFTS - he is an ass trying to get crit from nothing. Now...to your music. You are obviously a good guitar player, but I think you should use some more instruments, a higher quality multi-track recording program, and a nicer mic. I liked sommemore best. The pinch harmonics were very good on that. What's your set up? I liked the phase on mhm. These songs are all a little barebones. Add some more instruments and you will be good. Nice guitar playing, though. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Overall, I liked the riffs, there's only a few things I'd do differently.

I agree with gunsroses89 in that these riffs and licks would sound awesome if you had backing tracks for them.

The only thing I would watch out for is using too much of an effect - listening to somemore, there seems to be slightly too much of what you use (I think it might be chorus? hmmm...) which drowns it out slightly.

The level of effect of mhm was just right though, so it's not too much of a problem.

I hope to hear some more instrumentation mate! keep at it.

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Hey man, I think you really got some solid material their,
I really like all of them i think that you should try playing
No.5 On clean, Or clean for part of the song.
No. 3 has a really nirvana-esque feel and sound,
I like it but i think it gets a lot better when it gets to the chords.
In the fingerpicking , you might want to play less, like,
clean cut if you know what i mean.
Song 2 has great ptoential, but you wanna work
On hit the higher finger picked notes better,
Because i'm assuming yuo're rolling you're wfingers to hit those notes,
So you just need a bit of practice there.
And you definetly have to turn down the overdrive
On the first bit of song 1.
Overall , i think these are some real decent recordings,
The last two are really great, especially the first part of 6.
i liked song 7
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great guitar playing, but as was mentioned before backing tracks would greatly improve everything. Song 6 in particular. You might want to mess around with audacity or garage band and lay down the rhythm tracks yourself. You also may want to put these riffs into a more standard song structure if you want to widen the appeal. Song 2 has a cool feel to it.