I've noticed lately it seems like more and more people are vandalizing Wikipedia. Anyways, just post vandalized pages.

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I noticed the avatar before I read what you said. Then I read it. Then I laughed.
Yeah, once on the Burzum page someone labelled them as emo and typed something along the lines of 'Varg is an emo kid!'
Wiki's fun to edit.
My Schools one, dont know who posted it, though, i might add to it though: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambton_High_School

Michael Crafters one was pretty funny for a while, saying he had a drug addicted girlfriend and newborn baby, and was working at a supermarket, they took that one down though.
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do you reckon straight edge people ever get temped to drink alcahole,
when really want to but they know they can't so they just dont?
I remember seeing Martin Scorsese's page a while back and all it said in the Biography portion was "PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS"
When Anna Nicole Smith died i forgot who she was so i wiki'ed her page and then went to the death section of the page and it said that she died after being raped and then severely beaten by Saddam Hussein ghost
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Thats why wiki isn't a credible site, becuase its editable by any member

These edits get deleted by moderators five minutes after they're made.

Two of my friends were doing in-class research for some presentations we were doing in biology, and they thought it would be funny to vandalize the pages on their assigned diseases, then see whose edit would be deleted first.

EDIT: They also had fun on other pages, editing my name into the Rubik's cube article and something bizarre in the article on black holes.

EDIT AGAIN: Last year, a friend had me read through the article on Andrew Jackson to see if there was anything notable he had left out of his report. I read it, and in the middle of one section, someone wrote, "Today was my birthday and it sucked balls."
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check it now.

Hey, edit it all you want, but try to make it something funny... That stuff about the Statue and the Olympic sized swimming pool is gold.
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do you reckon straight edge people ever get temped to drink alcahole,
when really want to but they know they can't so they just dont?
sometimes wiki vandalism is funny if its done with a bit of wit, but usually its really stupid crap thats completely pointless.
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some of the year twelve guys at my school made a page on Tarlo, one of the maths teachers. it got deleted though because they didn't have any sources
These Wikipedia vanalizations annoy the hell out of me. Why try so hard to taint an otherwise wonderful source of collective knowledge?
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...They changed the "yo momma" one back...

I know, my school one too. Damn it! Two articles I proudly vandalized!
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