New piece, different strange style, tell me what you think.


Channel 189-
Through electric photographs
Mayonaise skymolesters melt next to
The halogen Jesus, injecting ecstacy
Into the eyelids of the depressed
Leaving droplets of rejuvenation


Channel 59-
Through electric photographs
Atheist toothpicks drown in
Rusty chrome puddles, paddling
thier way through heavy stop signs
and giving to deepened scars

------- Up-------Fuck

Channel 57-
Through electric photographs
Quilted bear treehuggers
Rape pastel symphonies, ripe
From the harvester's ass

----- Scotch-------Hop

Channel 0-
Through Electric life

Blank --------- Blank--------
-------- Blank---------- =me
Last edited by DanteR* at Mar 10, 2007,
interesting to say the elast. It was interesting I think the first part was the best. I also thin kit is ecstacy.... not exstacy. i liked the second full stanza as well, as an accompanyment to the first. However I didn't really liek the give up part.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?