Flaming him back is not the answer man. Just ignore him. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing he's upset you. THEN go read g-love's sticky on the first page.

Cheers mate!
Yeah, yours was better, but flaming him won't help anything. When you post something like that on youtube you risk crap like this...just be a bigger man by ignoring it and keep playing...you are a good guitar player
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Youtube comments are the epitomy of dumbass-ery. Don't get too worked up 'bout it.
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Quote by MusicMan00
I noticed the avatar before I read what you said. Then I read it. Then I laughed.
Wow, nice camera, I've never seen a youtube vid with that quality.

edit: Oh wait, that was his.

its just the fact that i worked and figured it out for myself. and he comes and rips me apart for it. (i didn't even think it was that bad, not perfect, but not awful)

maybe if he had a much better video of it i wouldn't be so mad, but he doesn't.