Look what came with my purchase of Borat! This one I have to pay a extra money for, but she worth it! Wa wa wee wa!

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wait, it came with the DVD? where did you buy it?
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I love your side flash video. *Blows load in pants*

Yeah, Borat is the funniest movie I've seen. Jackass doesn't even compare.
I like....is nice...how much?
Seriously, I wish I had that shirt man. Holy crap.

Borat is f-ing amazing.
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i can see your foot im whering socks just like those

but yea Borat is hialrious
i got one with mine that says "Very Niiiiice"

i like it.
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Only funny thing in this whole thread.
pretty cool. i havent seen the movie yet, but i really want to.

perhaps i'll purchase the special version so i can get that shirt.
it's foldy....but borat was funny.
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Anyone agree that Borat was over-rated?

unless youre a jew and super-sensitive about your religion i see no reason how anybody couldnt find that the funniest fuckin movie ever

best bits: wanking in new york at the lingerie wearing manikins

going to the hotel after talking to the black guys

singing the national anthem at the rodeo

asking the car salesmen how much damage would be done to the hummer if he hit a gypsy

putting pamela anderson in the marriage sack, "hey get your own wife"

*kisses random woman* "she is my sister, ranked number 3 prostitute in all of kazakstahn"

"kazakstahn is a glorious country, but we have our problems, the social, the economic, and the jew"

and there are too many more to mention
i haven't seen borat, but seeing as it is pretty much universally loved, i may just go buy the dvd anyways plus i want a t-shirt like that.
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Nice shirt, iron that shiz first, 'HI FIVE'.


borat is awsome
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unless youre a jew and super-sensitive about your religion i see no reason how anybody couldnt find that the funniest fuckin movie ever

I'm none of those, but I was expecting some laughs but it just seemed dumb.
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Borat was sort of a bring down. I'd watch the television series.


Somebody agrees.
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That line had me laughing for so long during the film. I couldn't stop. The christians running around the church aswell was insane! Awesome film.
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Anyone agree that Borat was over-rated?

No. It was retarded humor but that's why so many people like it.
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Quote by вяaи∂ иєw
Anyone agree that Borat was over-rated?

hell yes
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Not over-rated in the slightest, but each to their own.

Sacha Cohen has probably made the two funniest films of our generation; Ali G and Borat.