For about a year now I've been playing lead to metal songs, and not really sounding good playing "solo" but sounds great with somone else, when I started I wanted to just rock, but as time went on I introduced myself slowly to acoustic, and I want to start classical such as "scarborough fair" "classical gas" and any other beautiful sounding acoustic/classical song. I know all first position chords, or all the "common" ones, but as far as finger pickin I SUCK! I wont lie. I've been playing for about a year and three months, changing from lead pickin to chord classical may be difficult, I don't know, so can anyone here help me on how to start and what songs would be great for a beginner acoustic player. Thanks.
A common beginning classical tune is Bach's Minuet in G.

For something harder, try the ever-famous Canon in D.

Then perhaps Moonlight Sonata.

Then perhaps Maple Leaf Rag

Then perhaps 1812 Overture and Bouree.

Then Rondo Alla Turka
the william tell overture. that song rules. the version i have i a little fast, but its fun to play.
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If you only have an electric, get an acoustic. It'll be a bit harder to barre, as the strings are under much more tension, but you'll get there soon. Then finger pick your heart out.
I love playing Scarborough Fair! I've been trying to learn Bleecker Street as well, but it is a bit harder.
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Check out stuff by Fernando Sor (Study in Bm sounds pretty and it's not too difficult, it's more of a fingerpicking workout opposed to the fretting hand. I think it's study #5 or #7).
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