Walkin' down the river
Wearin' no coat
I'm going blind
And there’s nowhere to go

You're gone now and i know
All i can do is run
And that is what i get
for staring at the sun

In a dark place
Under the sea
Blossoms and petals
Under mud and debris

I can’t see you
And you’re just walking away
I cant hear you
But I know you’re walking away

Flowers fluttering in the sky among you
And I cant look away
I’m going blind
And I need a Holiday

(Sweet Guitar Solo)

Its just that you’re gone now and
All I can do is run
But that’s just what I get
for staring at the sun

OK pretty simple ABCB Lots of meaning to me. Critique. Thanks
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Wow, that was awesome. It flowed smoothly and I think the word choice is excellent. Simple. Sweet. To the point. And not to mention the (Sweet Guitar Solo) part. Good Job

cool but there's already a song called blind by KoRn so mabye you might want to think of something else.

good lyrics though
Well give me a better name then and Korn is shit. It was called staring at the sun before but theres about fifty songs with that name. U2 and The Offspring to name a few I know.