I know these kinds of threads pop up all the time, and it must be annoying as hell...
but I'm really lost here.

I'm looking for a new amp with about $300-$400 to spend, but I have no clue which one to get.

I'm currently looking at these:

FM 212R


Line 6
Spider III 120


I wanna try to stay away from the spider cause I heard they're unreliable, also I'm looking for an amp with very good distortion. Oh, and do any of these have a microphone plugin? Cause that would really help me out........
ive got a fender fm 212 combo, its an awesome amp, it does for everything, and from GAK.com its a great deal laters
I don't want just a bunch of effects, I'm looking for solid, quality sound.
I play mostly heavy rock and metal, but a good clean channel is also important for me.
I'm suprised it hasn't been mentioned yet but the Vox AD series and the Roland Cubes are favourites round these parts. Definately try them though, probably the Cube if you're more into metal.
Based on my experiences, all amps with built-in effects in the price range of 100-500 € tend to be a bit unreliable played on high volume levels. My advice is to look for a solid amp with good clean and overdrive channels (Peavey, Laney, Marshall the list goes on), because you can always buy a separate effects unit later. It´s your call though...
lol i would definately NOT recommend the fender lol i'm lost same way as you im either going for a spider III 150 or a vox lol
Fenders FM212 DSP is quite a nice amp in general.

I love the cleans on any fender amp general.

I recommend that over a Vox or Cube as I can't stand them.
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ive got the fender fm212r combo.

it has a good clean, but i absolutly hate the overdrive, its HORRIBLE!! (in my opinion)

and it hasnt been very reliable, always breaking down.

if i had my time over again i would get another amp...