hey everyone,

So at the moment we have a situation in our band. one of the guys has decided to play in another band. This has annoyed some of the members. It['s more the fact there was no consultation that annoyed us. But now, he keeps missing practice because he has a gig for the other band, and he is quite unreliable anyway. it's all coming to a head now, and he might end up leaving.

What's funny is that i have just had an offer to play in another band who i really like. I would quite like to actually, but i think it may cause issues. should i speak to the members and see if they mind?

My question to you guys and gals is, can you really commit to more than one band at a time? i mean properly commit..

cheers guys
The only successful artist I know that did a lot of band-hopping was James DeWees, aka Reggie from Reggie and the Full Effect. He was in New Found Glory and now he's touring with My Chemical Romance. But then again, his most successful band is his solo project, so it's different. I suggest that you go with whatever band is best for you.
Well i love the band i am in already, and dont want to leave. but they dont gig as much as i would like, so that's why i was going to see if i could work with two bands. is it acceptable to band memebrs for others to be in other bands so long as they dont conflict?
Warren Hayes plays in both the Allman Brothers Band , and Gov't Mule. Derek Trucks Plays for his own band, the Allman Brothers Band, and i think is a touring guitarist with clapton.
I think you've answered your own question really:
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It's more the fact there was no consultation that annoyed us.

Ask your bandmates. Tell them you love your band and you remain committed to them. See what they think! If they want to take the band more seriously and get more gigs and it's not really feasible for you to be in both bands then they can tell you that and you'll be happy for having more gigs. If they're happy for you to do both bands then go ahead.
I know it CAN be done, i'm really looking for people with experience first hand, not just a list of people who play in two bands..


SMB, yeah i will.. and yeah you're right i guess i did answer my own question.

how many people actually play in more than one band here? how do you juggle it? how do you choose which gig gets priority over which?
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from my experiance i can say that its not the most desirable thing to do
no matter how hard u try to commit to being loyal to both bands there will always be a time when they will clash and i mean always.

two bands may work for a while but like me you may end up leaving the band u love and then watching the band u play in destroy itself

its better to have one band then no band at all
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Hmmm, this is what i can see happening, and what has happened to my guitarist who is trying to juggle two bands... as you said, there will always be a clash, and then how dod you choose?

think i might stay away from trouble.. maybe i will just go jam with him, fill in for a month if he wants me to, just til he gets another bassman..
consult the memers of your first bands and if they are ok with it and you have the time, then go for it

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As long as you think you can handle it, and you know your other band mates are ok with it, then go for it. More experience mean only good things.
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If band mates just have a problem with one of their members being in another group, that's not good enough, a musician has the right to play in several bands provided they can keep up their peg of the tent.

However, if this gets in the way of the "main" band, then it isn't acceptable.

Having played on both sides of the team, that is my philosophy to the issue.
Here's my take, and some of the others touched on it: It depends on the band.

I was once in an originals band that had a lot of tension in between members. I had the oppurtunity to join an acoustic duo and asked them what they thought.. so were fine and others objected. The reeasons they objected were not justifiable. For one, this band had NO gigs lined up and I was told the acoustic duo would pay well (which it did).. later... one of the band members gave me an ultimatium... pick one band or the other.. I choose the acoustic duo. That band broke up a month later. What would have happened if I choose them? I would have been out of a job.

I tell a lot of people to play with as many different bands as possible, it's very rare that you'll be in two major bands at once. When that happens, the rule I have is.. the gig that comes first.. that's the one I play. Why should I turn down a gig where I'll make $100 to play with another band that will make $0 that night. Unless you are under contract, there is nothing keeping anyone in that band besides fiduciary obligations. Most of the times, people join another band for 3 reasons:

1. They want to explore other styles

2. The band isn't gigging enough or sucks

3. They aren't happy in your band

As to whether or not he should have told you first, I would have at least mentioned it.

Side note: I know of a local band that lost their bassist due to him relocating. They hired a college guy who was very inexperienced, but showed a lot of drive. A few months ago, the bassist asked them if they would mind if he joined a campus band. The lead singer told him to join as many different bands as possible. His reasoning behind that was, the more this guy plays, the more experienced he will get which benefit the entire band.
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Q: is it possible?

A: yes

Q: how is it possible?

A: by not having school, two jobs and a girlfriend on top of two bands. also, you'll need good time management, and you'll have to be a bit flexible. Having a car will help too.

Q: how do you arrange gig priority?

A: first come, first serve, unless you're being offered a WAY better gig than one that's currently booked for the other band. I've known guys in three or four bands who made it work, and they often played a couple shows per night!

Q: but doesn't it always fall apart, or always clash?

A: that can happen. but unless you constantly ditch one band for the other, or can't manage your time, you shouldn't see either band break up because you're in two projects. From the sounds of it, you're like me... the guy in the band who's always available, and would rearrange his schedule in an instant to fit in a rehearsal. If that's your mindset, you can make two bands work.

Q: what about my music writing or abilities? will i burn out?

A: no. playing with new people always helps your perspective, and helps you improve.

Q: what about everyone who says it's better to just be in one band?

A: it depends on the person. I mean, if you REALLY take your music that personally that you can't divide your time, and don't want to play with anyone else, then stick with one band. But if you're like me, you have an open-minded yet realistic view of making it as a musician. I think it's a gamble to try to stake your whole career on one band of people who may or may not be as committed as you. Be in as many projects as you can handle, and the rest will work itself out. As long as you keep at it, you'll see the better projects thrive and the ones with no drive will fall by the wayside.

hope that helps a bit
You should definitely talk to your first band before joining the other one. You should also make sure your practices aren't going to conflict with each other. I had someone in my band join another band one time, and he just randomly started talking about it one day like it was nothing. I was really ticked off (but then again, it probably didn't help that I was also dating him)!

Anyway, you should most definitely stay true to your first band, but if they are totally ok with you joining another, go ahead and give it a try.
Guys, some good advice here, thanks a lot. I think i am going to leave it this time. Reasons being mainly we have basically just sacked the other guy from the band for the very reason of not being able to juggle two bands. I have a few other mid-week commitments so i think i am going to find it hard to fit both bands in and give a decent level of commitment to both. Also, the other band just sacked their bassist for not showing enough commitment, so i dont wanna put the guy (who is a mate) through the same thing again in a few months time.

Thanks again all