I cam accross these guys through my mate's austrian girlfriend, what do you guys think of them? their a bit of a far cry from ramstein eh? I really like them cause i do loads of juggling and stuff like that and it's the perfect music for doing that kinda stuff to. my favorite song is Zeit Zum Denga btw, I just wish i could understand a bloody word their saying lol!


(PS their name means "cabbage head" in english
hey there,
incredible (but totally understandable on the other hand) that a non-german speaking person likes krautschädl!

'zeit zum denga' means 'time to think'
...and is about. hm. mostly about cleaning up and at the same time thinking of the ocean and a girl. sometimes a little bit poetic (by which I mean not all makes sense and the rhyming is a little weak at times)

but the music is just fantastic! and I just love the german dialect they use!