My current setup is amp > preamp > comp.

I heard that it is better to record using a mic infront of the amp. If so, I'd have to get a tube amp beause I am using a regular halfstack.

But, using my current amp (Marshall MG) what kind of gear should I get for recording?

Should I try a mic placed infront of the amp or use the emulated out?

Which is better for electric guitar recording? I might try guitar > pod > preamp > comp instead of an amp.

Budget is around $1000.
What do you guys think?
I plug my guitar into my pod ,my pod into my computer and I'm ready to go. I have Sonar Home studio on my computer and guitar tracks pro. Both work great. Remember, if you use a pod it has preamp settings as well as amp and cab models and all the effects you could possibly need including compressor, noise gate, ect. Its all you really need.