the songs were great on that album, but the sound was really impressive.
I know I'll need a gibson LP, but at the moment I only have an epi LP.

No, they do not sell bareknuckle pickups in Korea...argh.
I'm thinking DUncan JB(with bass side raised a little) or a Burstbucker Pro.
I really LOVE that bombastic sound.

No, I do not own a decent marshall amp...And my mom does not have any intentions of financing me.
But I have a laney LV100 amp which sounds not horrible. at least it has decent celestion speakers and has the output of 60W.

The MI audio Crunchbox+Blues pro they say is really good. but it has a lot of mids.
I've never heard the combination. Anyone use this combo before??

And the radial hot british... sounds really cool too.

the guitar sounds on DEAD are closest to what I'm looking for.

the price limit is... about 500dollars, but 600is ok too.

is there no way to replicate that sound on a budget?
urm, you can probably get pretty close on what you've got. you don't need to replicate the exact equipment a band has in order to replicate their sound.
and also, frank iero plays epiphone les paul elites. he doesn't play gibsons. but the other dude does. and you really don't need an $1800+ gibson to get that sound.
you dont need to imitate they're sound.
you can make it sound better with what you have.
dont they have a guitarcenter or something in korea?.
im from vegas. im only using a custom dean razorback. im not quite into the new mcr.... kinda.. weirdish
the lead guitarist doesnt use gibsons, he uses epi elitists, dont know if he changed the pups though. the other dude uses gibson hollowbodies.
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they both play mahogany guitars mostly, and a laney should be able to replicate a marshall easily, so just make it mid heavy and you should get the tone
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dude, regardless of how shitty the tone is that joke is so ****ing old.
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Hey its another korean!

Anyways, I havne't tried that amp before but if it has a decent amount of distortion you should be fine. They have a very generic sound.

Try the gain at about 8ish, bass 7 mids 6 treble 6

Try that, Just dial in lots of mids and bass and enough treble to cut through. The epi should be alright.

I would suggest trying for some stock gibby bridge pups. The jbs are WAY to bright, I have one atm, and it's a great thrashcore pup but its not for mcr unless you have an incredibly bass heavy amp.