I was playing a gig last night and the amp I was using started screaming at me and it does this quite a lot. The guitar teacher said its due to my pickups and that I should change them. So I need help cause I dont have a clue about pickups or anything. I use an SX SG and Im thinking of just putting the new pickups in that but for all its worth am I better getting a new guitar. Ive only been playing since last Xmas so yeah nothing to fancy. Anyways I play sorta indie stuff but also the Chilis and some heavy stuff so mainly they need to be good for soft to indie to hard rock

Thankyou, sorry if it makes no sense
well for that sort of music you'd definately be wanting passive pups not active, so maybe seymour duncans? have a look at their website, they've got sound samples for each of their pickups so you can hear which ones you think would best suit your sound.
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u're getting feedback.

sometimes it's the pickups in a low end guitar.

sometimes, it's the amp. for example if u're pushing it too hard or not standing far enough away from or directly in front of it.

what type of amp? and what's ur budget?

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I had the same problem with my bridge pick up, fine at low volumes, horrible whistling scream at high.

I had the pickup replaced with a Seymour Duncan Virtual Hot PAF, good all rounder, got enough oomph to play metal at high gain, but roll back the distortion and you got a nice indie tone. Only gripe I have with it is that it doesn't match the EMG in the neck visually, so it kinda spoils the look of the guitar, but you don't really care when it sound sthat damn sexy
I had to put a new pickup in my schecter and it cleard right up in the bridge position of my guitar
It wasnt my amp, it was some old looking Crate thing, ive got a Marshall DSL401. I was thinking about they Seymour Duncans as thats one of the only 1s Ive heard.

I cant seem to find they pickups you have freedoms You got a link?
Any other recommendations, it basically has to an all round pickup that plays everything OK
JB/Jazz SD's?
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They were the ones I noticed on the Seymour Duncan site and they sounded good but they only let you hear 1 song