yes f you want A dorian you play the dorian pattern starting on the 5th fret

if you want to play the "dorian pattern" in the key of A minor you need to start at the 10th fret with the dorian pattern.

Hope this doesnt confuse you too much^^

EdiT: 10th fret sry ... normally I dont use numbers for the frets
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Well, why don't I start on the 5th again, instead of the 8th?

If you start on the 5th again you change the key from A minor (pentatonic) to A dorian (in fact youre using the dorian pattern)

If you want to keep the key to A minor you need to start the dorian pattern on the 10th fret (sry I didnt ment 8th)
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You can start where ever you want.
Starting at the 5th fret is just starting at the root of the mode.
You can't go wrong when trying to harminize using the root.
Starting on the 8th fret or the third note of the mode...you would
still harminize...it's just the second arppeggios of lets say... Amin chord

if you slide the entire pattern down and play the same pattern
starting from the root at the 8 fret ,now your just shifting pitch or key
as you would do with a power chord and what now
The root is now C..so it's C minor penta.

lets say you stay at the 5th fret using that as a root and play verious modes
A ionian..A dorain..and so on and so forth. Now you're doing the Axis pitch like
the satch. It's easier to just have the A5 chord as the backing chord, becuase
thses type of chords dosn't totally defind the voicing of a chord. This way you
can play maj, min, or whatever you want without sounding out of tune
Or you're just coloring with verious shades of A...think in pitch.

Lets say the chord is more defined...lets say Amin
You can play the minor modes....A dorain, A phygian, A areoian for starter
But you can also play A ionian becuase it's relatively the same as Amin
A mixolian...is semilar to A ionian..with just the 7th note 1/2 step down.
Play the semilar notes and leave out the difference or accent/stress the
note that are the same.
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normally, when playing modes in key, you wouldn't use the same root...

like you woulding play a dorian, and then a phrygian, or whatever
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I just play the entire fretboard from top to bottom no matter what scale/key/mode I'm in. So I wouldn't say you had to start at any certain position. It just matters what gets the most emphasis.

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