I've heard that the guitar comes stock loaded with passive 7-string EMG humbuckers. Can they be swapped for active ones, like the 81-7 or 707, since it says on EMG's site that their active PUs are not direct replacements?
i replaced passive emg pickups with active ones on my 6 string... i dont know about 7 but mine fit great....
Yea, well...like I said, the 7-string active EMGs are usually not direct replacements. Anyone?
yeah, I've looked at this before too. The wiring obviously would need to be changed, as the passives probably use 500k pots. EMG mentions that they use a "35 Extended Series cover cap", so that would lead me to believe it's a larger pickup than a standard 7 string pup. However, the HZ's look like they have the same type of cover as the actives judging by pics. I would email EMG and ask them, since you are looking at swapping EMG's with EMG's. they have been very helpful to me in the past when I have contacted them.
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