What effects would you use for a song like The Corrs - Long Night? I like that huge, resonating, warm harp-like sound that seems to be a standard for pop ballads. I'm trying with my Squier Strat in the bridge double, with a little overdrive, compression, chorus and delay from my Zoom 505II. I've found that it's best when I hit the strings hard, but it still doesn't quite get it.

Here's the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6-fntKTN4U
Chorus, reverb. Done lol. You aren't gonna nail the tone though, they will have expensive tube amps which effects won't replicate. Since it's pop, there's probably some fancy stuff going on mixer wise. Just get a tone you like, that fits the song, instead of one that matches exactly.

Also, the player might be using a volume pedal for the swells.