I just threw down for a Seagull Entourage Mini-Jumbo and I'm absolutely stoked. It's an excellent guitar, and the $280 price tag is unbelievable.

My question is, how do the higher end seagulls hold up to brands like Martin and Taylor? Does anyone even own a high end Seagull? Has anyone played one?

I've played a high end seagull, and it was excellent. It compared nicely to my acoustic, which is a Martin copy. Of course nothing will play like a Martin except for another Martin, but still. It was nice.
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my uncle has a seagull, he sais it´s amazing. dont know the model tough
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I've heard seagull's are very nice guitars even at high end specs. Check em out.
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I tried a Seagull against a Martin D-15 and preferred the Seagull. Of Course It's not going to be as good a Martin at around £1000, but they're still excellent guitars - especially for the price. I ended up getting a Yamaha though