If anyone has noticed, the pit is coming up on the thread number 50,000.
soon there will be fifty thousend threads in the pit.
my question to you is:
What Do You think The 50,000th Thread In The Pit Will Be About?

Im guessing its gonna have something to do with clowns and pizza................but thats just me.....
I guess the mods prune it down before it gets there, just to annoy you
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If I know the pit right: Masturbation.
Dunno about you, but i'm expecting a vincent745 Return, along with A7Xowns and Blizzard_of_Oz. Like a big ol' reunion.

And the thread will be about what guitar to get.
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It'll be nothing special, watch.
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Probably something 53xual, and it'll probably all be in 1337 speak too.
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Threads are regularly pruned.

It's probably closer to 500,000.
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Quote by Rankles
Threads are regularly pruned.

It's probably closer to 500,000.

Oh shit, that means we're 9 parties behind!

Quick, someone make 9 parties!
Probably about some random stuff, like tv or movies etc
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