Here are eleven commandments I think we should all follow... they are, of course, a product of my diseased imagination...

1) Thou shalt strive to offend those around thee with thy obscene bodily gestures
2) Once a day, thou shalt sing with great fervour, 'Shout it Out and Say it Loud, I am Goat, and I am Proud'
3) Also, Twice A Day, All Men Shalt Don The Red-String-Bikini-Of-Honour and Proclaim, 'I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar'.
4) Thou Shalt Let Thy Nasal Hair Sprout In Copious Profusion
5) Thou Shalt Not Maintain A Dignified And Sober Appearance
6) Thou Shalt Beat Unto Death, With Jharoos, All Midgets.
7) The 19th Of Every Month Shalt Be Celebrated As The 19th Day Of The Said Month
8) Thou Shalt Gurgle With Pleasure At The Sight Of Hunks Of Meat Taken From Any Creature Of The Bovine Persuasion
9) Thou Shalt Not Molest Any Goats Without Their Express Consent.
10) Thou Shalt, Without Fail, Howl At The Moon Every Night
11) Thou Shalt Corrupt The Young

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Some were funny others weren't 19th day celebration is good my birthdays on December 19th (you'd better make me a thread bitches
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
Try Not To Type Everything Like This

oh and I like #11
uh huh... check into rehab, maybe you'll meet britney
If you have something clever to say, don't bother, most people won't get it.

ZOMFG TEH SP33[) I-I4><!!1!

No... Herman Li's just really good...

"Yes I do like marmalade in my eggs! Thank you for asking!"

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