I'm looking into finally getting my own gigging amp and want to get a head and 410 stack. Budget is around £500, 2 speaker outputs would be nice for adding another cab when I need/can afford it. I play mostly metal but I'd prefer to have a versatile amp that can adapt to suit other styles. Any suggestions?
You can also look into the Eden Nemesis 410 combo. It has a 410 and is 320W all in the same package.
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Ashdown! The MAG is great for your needs.

i was gonna reccomend that, maybe look at Laney, galien krueger ( i can never spell it) have some decent stuff on a budget
Also look at Hartke, i tried some out and they were very nice amps but i personally love the ashdowns, wait for the new MAG series though, they have upgraded them to include a compression setting
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