I haven't heard any of his solo stuff, but I heard it was good.
lol. my limewire just went from bone thugs "notorius thugs" to bruce dickinsons "tears of the dragon". good stuff man. that solo kicks so much ass!
I downloaded his discography, thinking that cause i love Maiden i'd like it, but couldn't personally get into it- although The Ghost of Cain is awsome.
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i think he wants to dream theater to be considered more metal, so he dyed his beard.


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Lmfao, this is the best thread ever, aside from the fact that it involves a girl being harpooned through a tent.
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Chemical Wedding and Tyranny of Souls are awesome

I wholeheartedly agree. I love his solo stuff, Roy Z is pretty underrated in writing good arrangements. Skunkworks is a bit strange, not good or bad. His last three albums have been awesome. I can't wait for new material (though it'll probably be in the distant future).

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Really really really great stuff. Chemical Wedding is one of my favorite songs ever. I love his take on William Blake's Jerusalem as well.
I should really like to see him live at some point, does he do tours for his solo stuff or not?
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Its Dickinson... I only like 2 songs though.. I never could get into Maiden or Dickinson.
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He hardly tours. I don't think he toured 'Tyranny...' at all. And Jerusalem is fantastic. 'Tis a shame though. I have the DVD thing and the chemical wedding tour footage is ripped directly from some TV broadcast. It's awful.

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