If this doesn't belong here, then redirect me to where it goes.

Anyway, haven't listened to him much.
White Wedding is a good song.
So was Rebel Yell, and some of his other stuff. I don't know if I'd call it classic rock though. It's more 80s pop punk...maybe. I had the same problem trying to classify the Cars. They weren't really 80s rock or heavy metal and were kind of punk and kind of not.
I think he's either 80's rock or Punk. I dunno though.

He's alright I guess, I like his stuff with Generation X better than him solo.

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I think I said that earlier. I don't know if the post was deleted or something or what, but I think he's better suited for the 80's rock forum area and Punk forum area. Those two are more of his style as far as I'm aware.
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