Hey , i've been playing guitar about 3 years or so now, and i own this roland cube 30, i mean it's simply ok, it has a great clean channel actually for the price, the rest of its pretty useless though, i use it in combination with this Boss ME-50 multi-effects gizmo which i picked up, which has some decent effects i guess, but err, i've managed to squeeze out some really nice tones out of it with the marshall GUV model and the boss Blues driver pedal model...
but it seems i always, ALWAYS, no matter how much i play with the EQ to get this wierd sort of "Buzz" over nearly every distortion i try and play whenever the amp is turned up loud, it's sort of like having two seperate amps altogether, and one is just making this odd buzz, while the other is producing a perfectly fine clear (well as clear as this rig can produce) tone, and it only ever seems to happen when i crank the amp up.
It's getting really annoying because if i'm in practice for example i am pretty limited to only playing clean, i know it's probably just because the amp is crap, but i mean it shouldn't sound this bad?
i'm using an old Ibanez Gio, think it's the GSA60 with the 2 single coils and humbucker,
anyone know what i can do to try and reduce this wierd buzz? And it's not from me standing next to the amp either, although the single coils hum a bit.
noise gate?
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Well I also have a Cube 30x and an Ibanez Gio and sometimes when i have the tone knob up, my amp will buzz until I touch something metal on the guitar. This indicates a grounding issue. I don't know if this is what you have, but its possible
Eh well thanks anyway i'll have a look at those, i think i'll probably just get another amp though, without COSM!!!