I've wanted to learn classical guitar for a while now and finally got round to buying a classical guitar on Saturday. This is a version of Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega recorded on my new classical.. any crit welcome - as I've been playing less than a week and know next to nothing about Classical guitar!


Thanks in advance!
smiling after 10 seconds of listening! i love how you've not only just gone and recreated it note by note, but you have took into consideration the dynamics of the piece aswell, the mood being conveyed perfectly. crit wise, i can only say just work on your dynamics more, sounds like they're coming along great, i think the jump from acoustic to classical means you just have to work on your emotive playing more. A great acoustic piece can make you think "wow he's a great guitar player" whereas a great classical piece can totally manipulate your mind. In short, great playing...keep em coming!
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Great to have another classical player! Welcome to a world of awesome. It is a great start. You obviously know where your technical screw ups were, but they happen sometimes. Make sure you do go back and conciously try and fix them instead of just saying "Another time", or you will never do it! Heh. Other than that, just try not to speed up when it gets louder, or slow down as you decrescendo.

Other than that, good job. I will have to keep an eye over my shoulder.
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Heh, thanks for the crit! I'll try to work on the parts where I messed up and record another version soon.