Ok, heres the story. Me and my mates are going to go see Enter Shikari on Sunday at the Hammersmith Palais. We went through a long trek to get the tickets to find out they didn't sell them at the Palais so we went and called a ticket shop down in the West End only to find out they were sold out. So we decided to order online. So me and one of my other friends ordered 6 tickets (3 each) but we still needed 2 more cause 2 of our other friends wanted to come aswell. So we got one of our friends whos comming to order the tickets online (because we're not allowed to use the cards to buy 2 seperate tickets at different times if you get me). So he does that and he sends me a message saying that it says on the website you have to be over 18 and need to have ID to get our tickets unless otherwise noted and we're all 17 (apart from a couple of us.). But it says on the door that its 14+ so I'm not sure if thats a 'notable exception'. What do you guys think? And what can we do? Any help will be greatfully recieved.
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the ticket sellers are different than the venue hosts.

if you order tickets online you need to prove your 18 or 18+. Their just checking to make sure you are legal, and all that non-sense. Can you get your older friends to buy them?
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Yeah, that's pretty much it. Things like Ticketmaster and such are independent companies that just process the tickets for the venue, and then the venue sets its own age limit. The ticketmaster-esque age limit is just to order them online.
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