I have a Vox valvetronix ad100vt and I have owned it for about 2 years now. Bought it new from guitar center. Last time I played this amp was a few months ago and it sounded great (was using it at a band practice). Today I went to go play it since my other amp is at my bands practice space. It (the vox) sounded horrible. I don't know what happened, I turn it on and am greeted with a massive ammount of feedback, buzz and static. It never did that before. No matter what amp model (its a modelling amp) I tried all I could hear was an annoying buzz that sucked all the tone out. It is worst on the higher gain models though. It's highs and lows sound extremely muddy and just plain horrible. I know it has a tube in the preamp, could that be the problem? I was under the impression that those don't really need to be changed. Or could it be something like a blown fuse or speaker?

Thanks for any help,

Johnny Rebel
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No where too cold, It was stored in my living room kinda tucked in a corner next to a window though. It had a cover over it.