They've got great specs but Squier tuners and iffy Quality Control..

You could get one that beats American Deluxes, or one that sucks more than Squiers.

And by Squier tuners, I mean the exact same that came stock on my Affinity Strat.
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Well I'm not too bothered about tuners... and I have a squier and the tuning pegs have never failed me!

I guess I'd have to try and get my hands on one...
could always change the tuners. that's what i did, and it's easy as hell.
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I've got one and I must say, it's pretty damn good, esp. concidering de price. I've had this guitar for well over a year now and I've never had any problems with it; it stays in tune quite well, the bridge is good and the electronics are fine.

I have used this guitar live and it has never given me any problems. As for the pickups, they sound best on a clean or slightly distorted setting. If you want an extremely distorted sound it's possible, but use a good amp (of course the quality of your amp will always be a major factor in your sound, but i find these pickups really need a good amp to sound at their best; for instance when I play this guitar at home on my Mesa/Boogie it absolutely shines, not just using the clean channel, but also with distortion. On the other hand when I plug this in to a cheaper solid state, or into a PA using only a somewhat cheap distortion pedal, the sound is far from ideal).

So, yes, you can get a vast amount op sounds from this guitar, but the pickups are really picky when it comes to amplification and also keep in mind that no matter how much gain you use, it will never lose it's single coil sparkle.

The overal quality and setup was great on my guitar and the birdseye maple neck looks pretty awesome.

So overal it's a great guitar with a load of cool features. If you have the opportunity to try one out, use it on an amp similar to the one you have at home to see if you like the pickups.
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I got one, it sounds awesome. I put some locking tuners in and a tortise shell pickguard and its the sex. Great cleans and sounds ok overdriven. Good for blues and like RHCP stuff.
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Hmm, reckon it would go good with my Valveking?

Also, I do need to get a little more then just lighly overdriven, might the pickups handle thsi well
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Hmm, reckon it would go good with my Valveking?

Also, I do need to get a little more then just lighly overdriven, might the pickups handle thsi well

They most probably will, they are Duncan's after all. I believe the Valveking is quite a common amp so chances are high that you can try the guitar out with a Valveking at your local (or not so local) guitarstore. I play this guitar regularly using distortion and it's not a problem, but like I said, if you have the opportunity to listen what the guitar sounds like with your amp or a similar model, just do so.

Also, about the tuners and tuning stability, it's not a problem. The tuners are great and even with whammy abuse it will still stay in tune. I don't use my whammy bar that often, but when I do, it's usually a couple of minutes of straight dive bomming, pulling up, strange effects and vibrato,which it can handle easily.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!