im not new to guitar but this is starting to get to be a real problem. i have hardly any control in my last 2 fingers in my freting hand, and not much in my middle finger.

i was just wondering could this be lack of practise or somthing more?
I don't understand. Do you have like, a physical defect that allows you to not move your fingers right? Or can you just not play fast or hit the frets, or what?
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Uh, yeah. Don't try playing too fast at start, that's a given. But are you not physically not able to move your fingers? Because I doubt you could play guitar (Unless you're like that guy who plays amazingly with his toes)
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no i can move them and shit but if i put any pressure whilst they are on the fretboard then it just moves the stings rather than holding them
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How are you holding your neck with your fretting hand? Your thumb should either hang under the neck or over the other side. Your fingers should come straight down to the neck at steep angle.
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do an hour of chromatic runs each day


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