Ahhh i dont like that guitar tone at all, its all muddy, sound like you've left a heel-down wah on. I also don't see the point of it as this nice little clean part has come in now. Again the ditortion part. I think you should keep the clean part going through the distorted bit, the song looses a certain bassy quality.

The lead playing is good in both parts, but your playing two different songs here, theres nothing to link them at all. I don't really like the ditorted part but the clean bit is good. Also try and get some MIDI drum n bass sorted.

Crit mine? link in sig, the pop rock one
yeah the tone sucks because i just plug my guitar directly into my computer.

I don't understand what you mean, there are plenty of songs that switch from soft to heavy to soft. If it's just the transitions aren't smooth then it's just the recording.

thanks for your comments though, and sure i'll check it out.
Well, i kno that, but as theres no drums n bass it becomes way more apparent, and I can't see any similarities between the two parts... i still think you shoul keep the clean goingv through the distorted bit.
Okay I'll try that out. Do you mean I should have the arpeggiated chords playing with the heavy part or the lead part?
err yeah playing with the heavy part at the same time, it'd keep some of the bass frqencies in tere and make it seem more full. you'll have to experiment to get it to sound good tho.
yeah, well it'd sound fuller with a full band, but i don't have much acess to a bass and there's no real reason to use a drum machine just for the guitar part.