So I'm not supposed to be playing guitar this week, and my mom was napping. So I went down to my piano, started messing around, and really started liking it again. I had dropped it when I was like 10 before, cause I was just terrible and played crap music. But within two minutes of messing around I was making about as good music as I had before (at my peak - decent ambient sounding music). I was just curious if anyone else has found this kind of thing with some instruments or anything?
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I have an old plastic recorder which I played in 3rd grade...it still works and sounds as bad as it always did. I'm not too entusiastic about it...it's actually louder than my guitar.
i love ambient piano pieces.

i've considered making a few hour long pieces for friends but never got around to it/a piano.

but i find that if i play another instrument i come back to the guitar and bass with a better understanding of music.

meaning: dont touch your guitar for about a month, play only piano, then see how differently you approach guitar.
a friend of mine did the same with bass
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I heart the piano. I just learned Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag about a week ago.