That’s my girl
With the flower in her hair
Stand with me in the wind
And let it take us off from there

Let’s go up and down Main Street
Only change in our pockets
With the love that we share
We don’t need any money
Cause I’ll be there for you
And you’ll be my honey

This love that we share

Well go where we want to
To happy to care

I’ll let you be all by yourself
I don’t wanna be with anyone else

And if you want to fly away
I’ll miss you every day

This love that we share

In this world of hatred
I know you will be there

I want to be with you forever
And do whatever it takes
Want you to be with me
Every time I get baked
When I’m down
Or confused
I want your take
Let’s see what we can make

I love this love that we share