If you can see, on the windows and stuff theres this really ugly yellow tint which I did not put on there purposley, and it seems to get darker and darker. Anyone know how to make it go away?

I'm pretty sure I'm not like colorblind...
It isn't showing up on here, so it's either your eyes or the monitor itself. See if it has a degaussing option on it.
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It'll be the monitor. Play with the colour and contrast options if it doesn't have a degauss and if that doesn't fix it... your monitor is buggered.
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and it's your monitor, try hitting it on the side REALLY hard

it happens at my school alot
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can't see it on here. Oh and btw everyone knows your screen name now.
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Theres most likely something wrong with your monitor or a plug isn't plugged in all the way. Try moving your computer around or else try to get a new monitor.